“When I first launched NEST, my vision was to create a home fragrance collection of the very highest quality, one steeped in authenticity and creativity, all of which we are still fiercely committed to today.”

- Laura Slatkin, NEST New York Founder

Our Proprietary Wax

NEST New York collaborated with a team of renowned chemists to perfect our proprietary formula. Our candles are meticulously crafted using a blend of the finest FDA-approved mineral waxes available on the market. Our unique blend also incorporates additional cosmetic-grade ingredients, including soy, which meet rigorous quality standards.

Ingredient Standards

NEST New York candles are produced in the United States using only FDA approved and cosmetic grade materials, exceeding the strictest guidelines set forth by the global regulatory agencies governing the industry. In fact, we go a step further, creating our own set of stringent guidelines in partnership with esteemed experts to enhance the quality, safety, and performance of our candles.

Choosing the Right Ingredients

We have clear restrictions on the use of certain ingredients, considering significant health, environmental, and ethical concerns. We responsibly source our natural raw materials, opting for synthetic ingredients only when they are more beneficial to the performance of our candle, the safety of our consumer, and/or the protection of the environment.

Responsible Sourcing

Dedicated to ethically sourcing raw materials while minimizing environmental impact, our partners meticulously verify the origin and traceability of the ingredients they use, guaranteeing the highest quality for all our raw materials while aiming to improve the well-being of farm workers and promote the sustainable use of natural materials. Because raw materials can vary from lot to lot, we test each batch of fragrance oils for quality and safety prior to production.

A Premium Experience

By utilizing these premium ingredients, we ensure that our candles are crafted with the most premier grade of wax available—the same ingredients found in premium waxes used in pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic products. This results in an unparalleled burning experience, ensuring optimal fragrance diffusion, all while adhering to the highest safety standards.

Expertly Crafted Wicks

Furthermore, our wicks are made with premium, lead-free, cotton to provide a safe and clean burn experience. As an extra safety measure, our wicks are held in place at the base of the candle by a special metal clip designed to automatically extinguish the flame when the wax level reaches the end of its cycle.

Artfully Blended Fragrances

Unlike other candle brands, we work exclusively with esteemed senior and master perfumers from the world’s leading fragrance houses to create the finest fragrance oils, all of which adhere to the safety standards established by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

The Perfumer Difference

These perfumers are uniquely skilled at identifying isolating, and extracting the most fragrant parts of nature’s botanicals. We then blend these fragrance oils at the highest levels in the industry, making our candles renowned for completely infusing a room with exquisite scent for hours on end.