Midnight Fleur Eau de Parfum and Scented Candle Set

Impactful and memorable, this sensual eau de parfum and candle set combines exotic woods, black amber, and patchouli with the warmth of vanilla orchid.

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Behind the Scent: “I always dreamed of creating an extraordinarily alluring, sensual eau de parfum for my fragrance wardrobe. The kind of fragrance I could wear in the evenings that would make me feel sexy when going out for a romantic dinner with my husband or a black tie event. I wanted to create an intoxicating fragrance that would stop people in their tracks, turn heads, and seduce the senses. So I did.”—Laura Slatkin
Fragrance Family
Scent Type
Woody Vanilla
Key Notes
Exotic woods, black amber, patchouli & vanilla orchid
3.75" D x 2.50" H
Includes 1.7-fl oz EDP | 9-oz scented candle